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Monday, February 01, 2010

Wow... Big Day For Us!

This truly is a longtime coming for us in business... If you know me you know that I am and always have been an entrepreneur. Lacy and I have had a successful track record in the network marketing industry the past several years. About two years ago that rug was pulled out from underneath us when we lost a major security blanket in our lives (financial stability). That was a hard time and good lesson in life, we learned to rely on God more for our stability and be thankful for what we have and not bitter for what we didnt have. Since that time (two years ago) I have been working so hard (with the direction and help of God) to build a successful business again. I ventured into to different business ventures that has been hard but rewarding. The first was our RKJ Investigation & Process which has done amazing in growth in the last quarter and still growing with intensity. The second was a Network Marketing company in which we helped launch. We became founding members of Zurvita in March 2008. We have had two years of growth, pain, lessons, and rewards... We have been building for this day a long time to launch a new product known as localadlink... This is a product that is marketed in a business to business setting that allows businesses to target market in geo-targeted areas for LOW monthly costs. To be on the front page of sites like google, yahoo, and much much more. We market 3 different packages ranging from $249 a month to $449 a month with amazing RESULTS... We have CHANGED the way Network Marketing is done in this country. Currently our two main product lines are Commercial Energy (natural gas and electricity) and now localadlink. We have contracts in place in California for solar energy coming soon... Also digital commercial phone service, and credit card processing service. We have taken the network marketing model and combined it with a business to business model so that people can join and sell professional business to business products and services that are needed and earn a full time income right out of the gates. Just localadlink alone which is in US, Canada, and Australia (as of today) pays anywhere from $75 to $130 up front commission plus $30 to $75 monthly residual commissions per sale... Then think about getting paid monthly from companies Electric, Natural gas, Solar, Phones, Credit Card Processing... The sky is the limit and we are FLYING with Zurvita!

If you know anyone who is looking to earn immediate full time income plug them into me for more details...

New Launch! http://www.ChrisGee.ZurvitaAds.Biz

Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Make Snow Ice Cream

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its Time For a Healthier Change...

I decided today that it is definitely time for a change in my lifestyle. So many times in life we get motivated to live healthier lifestyles with exercise. I started the P90x workout program last year and loved it. I felt better than I had in a long time. All was going great until I had some medical complications that landed in me in the Hospital in Houston, Texas for a week. When I finally got home and rested, life got in the way and I didn't continue the workout program. Since that time I have been working 50 to 70 hours per week building my business and with the lack of time management and plenty of stress I realized that I am extremely unhealthy. I found myself eating once and sometimes twice a day. I have lost nearly 25 pounds and shocking enough I am down to 175 lbs. (I am 6'5")

THE CHANGE: My goal is to be at 210 lbs by May 2010 and in order to do that I have to EAT! I am using a calorie and protein counting tool on my iphone to keep track but i am eating a little over 4000 calories per day and 150 grams of protein. I am also committed to doing P90X again. This is going to be a big transition but one I am committed to... I will keep a weekly blog journal here about my progress and success. Its crazy because I have eaten more food today than I ate all last week... (ok that's a bit of stretch)

Chris Gee

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Umm What should it be...

Well first of all thank you everyone who kept us in your prayers during a scary time. I never thought I would have a doc say to me, "your having a heart attack" at such a young age. At least he was wrong and I didn't have one. I am actually healthier today than I have been in a long time. I have committed to eating better and work out. Before the incident I was working out 4 times per week and loving it. Now I have to get back to the gym and back into the swing of life again. I go to the cardiologist on Friday and should get a good report. They say stress is a killer and I guess there right. I am learning to let go of the worry and let God. The stress of building a new business (which I've been doing now 12 months) and the major law suit im involved in has taken a toll on me. I lost my business that I built for seven months, ended up in a law suit, and drained my savings in the process. So I've been building a new business all over again that is going great considering and also working about 20 to 30 hours weekly doing Fraud Investigations to make up for the income loss. So total I have been putting in about 70 to 80 hours a week. I know the sacrifice it takes in the beginning building a business and am willing to make it for the end result which will be more time freedom to have my old life back. Well I should blog more often and Dustin really convinced me to blog because I didn't want to be removed from the news page in case I have something cool to say on here some day. Well thanks for reading come back again soon..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Attorney's, Late, Tired, Ready To Be home, Oh Yeah, I forgot, Nevermind.

I know the title sounds a bit crazy and scattered... Well now you've seen my brain right aaabbbouutt NOW! That's right I am way tired. I have been on the road all day conducting Workers Comp interviews and I am exhausted. I get to Ft. Smith, Arkansas at 4pm to conduct the last one and head home... But No I get a call from the interviewees attorney who wants to be present and now I am sitting in Ft. Smith for too many hours. I have worked like 180 hours the last 2.5 weeks and it has all hit me TONIGHT! I am at that dazed state, you know when your so tired your not sure what's happening around you just one foot in front of you and that's even blurry. Ok I will quit whining now! I have one hour until the interview so I will get home around midnight tonight!

This will be a BIG Coffee Drive tonight!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow! Here it is again!

I know it has been a while since a post popped up here so I thought it was about time... Just a simple thought for the day... I turn on the news and all I hear is stock drops, major company profit drops, recession this recession that. With all of that in your face all day everyday it is so easy to fall into this negative depressed state about life. If your reading this entry I want to encourage you to keep your head up. Number one your faith must be stronger than the economy and life's problems. I hear people say often I wonder what the next ten years will be like? My Response, The same as the last 10 years... You see what I mean by that is it all remains the same when night is over the sun will rise, summer, then fall, then winter, then spring, then summer, etc. The same wind blows on us all. Your issues are not unbearable. Bottom line and to bring all this together. Life is ALWAYS a mixture... Life is mixed with difficulty and opportunity. Now I will say sometimes there is MORE difficulty than opportunity but where difficulty presents itself be assured that opportunity is lurking right around the corner so stay STRONG in your faith and what your doing...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Top Secret Surveillance

Well here I am sitting on a surveillance... Thought I would bring you into my world for a few minutes. I drove three hours to get here last night. (can't tell you where here is) spent the night and by 0600 hours I was sitting 2 blocks from the individual I am watching. (can't tell you who or why) It's dark outside, chilly, and dense fog has set in. I've got my front windshield blocked out except for one small corner which is my visibility hole. The sun started to rise and then BAM 0740 hours I have ACTIVITY! The Camera starts rolling. It's a complete rush when the camera starts rolling you never know what you will see or where you will go when the action goes down. 0800 activity stops, heart rate slows down, & then something you will NEVER believe happens..... I pull out the powerful aircard and begin to blog! Then the craziest thing happens RIGHT NOW, your reading my blog. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more...